Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Story of My Life Outfit - 10/28/08

I was opening up my mail for the day and realized the story of my life!

Okay, so first I opened up an envelope from T-Mobile. I’ve been with T-Mobile for awhile now and recently purchased a couple of new phones from them (see post here). Anyway, they sent me a debit card for $100!! To spend anywhere I want!! OMG, that was soo cool of them. I seriously LOVE T-Mobile!!! Thank you T-MOBILE! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST =)

Then, I open the next mail. It’s my medical bill.

Quick background: I’ve been feeling very tired lately so I went to see the doctor. Turns out I have low white blood cells =(

BUT it cost $500 to find that out. OMFG. Excuse my language. I slipped into a depression for about 15 minutes until my BF pulled me out of it. Thinking about it now SUCKS!! I HATE health care costs! It is sooo lame that we have to pay so much just to see a doctor!!! WTH do I pay medical insurance for each month?? It doesn’t cover anything!

Anywhoo, story of my life is when something good happens to me, something bad happens 5 times worst!

Oh well, at least I have my health and a wonderful boyfriend. That’s all I need in life. Money is nothing compared to those two. I would like to wish you ladies well too =)

Story of My Life Outfit:
Banana Republic White Pants w/ Gray Stripes
Banana Republic Sweater in Gray – So Comfy!
Linea Paolo 'Mirage' Pump in Gun Metal from Nordstrom’s - $30
- I’m telling you, I don’t wear these heels everyday! It just seems like it. LOL (More on purchase here)