Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nordstrom Haul - 4/16/08

Today was a wonderful day! =X

Anywayyyy, here are the pictures from my Nordstrom purchase. I purchased 4 pairs of heels!

The first 2 were the same pair of shoes but different colors:

1. Linea Paolo 'Taliyah' Pump in Black $30
I can never have enough Black Pumps! I love these because, although its just another black heel, it has a somewhat unique feel to it. I love the bow tie on the side!

2. Linea Paolo 'Taliyah' Pump in Purple/Pink $30

I always end up buying 2 of everything I like. Its just a habit of mine. I love the color of these heels! I like to be a little matchy-matchy when it comes to my outfits, so these will be perfect for days when I want to stand out a little.

Just a note: If you are planning to get these, order 1/2 size up because they run small. I think its so stupid that they run small. Why not just call a size 6 - a 5 1/2? What's the point of running small??! Let's keep sizing universal people!

3. Linea Paolo 'Mirage' Pump in Gun Metal $30

Now these are some serious Pumps! I love the edginess of these heels! The metallics are so gorgeous!
4. Boutique Nordstrom 'Marlo' Pump $27
I bought these on a whim but I ended up loving it! I really wanted different color heels for my wardrobe and these were inexpensive, so basically, PERFECT! I jsut realized that I have too many patent-leather heels!

I LOVE my purchases! I can’t wait to wear each one!! I hope you all the best, tomorrow will be Thursday and the weekend will be just around the corner!! I can't wait for some relaxation!