Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Stress-Beating Outfit - 4/22/08

Hi guys! I’ve been MIA lately sorry! Its getting down to the last weeks of school and I have a project due next week that is stressing me out! I had to look up stress-beating tactics to deal with my situation! I was planning to write one of my own and post it here.. Maybe if I have time next weekend..

I ordered my MAC products today! I can’t wait for them to come. I caved in and bought the MAC 1.6 traincase that I’ve been wanting. Will take pics when it arrives!

Anyway, here is today’s outfit.

Stress-Beating Outfit

Guess Black & White pants - $40
I used the belt that came with it as a waist belt.
Wet Seal White V-neck cotton sweater - $10!
Old Navy Gray tank top - underneath the sweater
NEW! Linea Paolo 'Mirage' Pump in Gun Metal $30