Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Crappy Mood = Crappy Outfits! 4/15/08

I wanted to edit this post because it is so negative and I am sooo NOT negative. Its just that I have been dealing w/ some issues lately and its a new situation for me. I have to hold my composure! I WILL NO LONGER let it control my life or, perhaps more importantly, how I dress! I will rise above all this mess and smile my way through the one life I have! No more crappy mood for me! I hope that you will never have a crappy mood. But if you do, just remember to rise above it and remind yourself of all the good things in your life! Life is GOOD! ;)

Do you ever feel like your outfits match your mood? For some reason, I’ve been feeling very crappy lately and my outfits have matched my mood! I hope that this phase will be over soon because I’m tired of not looking CUTE! When I don’t look cute, no picture will be taken of me. Its just like, if I don’t have make-up on, don’t bother taking a picture of me!

Today was one of my crappiest days. Although it ended okay -- we went for drinks and bowling to celebrate 4/15! I hope tomorrow will be a better day --for you AND me! =)