Sunday, April 27, 2008

MAC Haul - 4/27/08

This weekend flew by too fast! I didn't get a chance to enjoy it at all! Worked on Saturday and studied ALL day today! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. It was absolutely gorgeous, weather-wise!

I have my presentation tomorrow for one of my classes, then a FINAL on Weds. I’m getting nervous as I type!!

I received my MAC haul a couple of days ago!! Here are MANY pics of items I purchased!

The train case is beautiful!! Too bad all my make-up didn’t fit. However, I have another solution to my make-up storage problem!! Pics will come sooner or later =P

(Clockwise) Black Tied, Deep Truth , Romp, Star violet

Large Palette - Holds 15
Small Palette - Holds 4

Dual edge eye pencil in Nighthawk/Front row & Tinted lipglass in Chai

(Left to Right) 224, 219, 213


I buy the large bottle of Philosophy, so I like to fill it in these travel sizes to keep in my vanity.