Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hilary Duff's Lucky Magazine Cover Outfit - 4/6/08

My birthday came and went. It was fun times but I always feel bittersweet about my birthday. Perhaps it’s because I almost never get what I want on my birthday.. In any case, I can always buy what I want! ;)

Below is today’s outfit. I saw the cover of Lucky Magazine a while back and loved Actress/Singer Hilary Duff’s skirt. I saw a skirt that looked similar to it at Ross, so naturally I HAD to buy it! In addition, it was only about $10!

In reference to Hilary’s outfit, I love the bold colors but I don’t think I would EVER wear those 2 colors together! It looks super cute on her though!

By the way, my outfit was not picked out of inspiration from her cover photo like I wished I would have! I will, however, try to recreate this look in the future! Keep a look out! =)

Hilary Duff’s Outfit on the cover of Lucky Magazine:

Thakoon Marcus - Pleated Sand-Washed Charmeuse Skirt in Hot Pink - $855 (wowzer!)
Vena Cava - Silk Chiffon Top in Orange - $414
Isaac Manevits for Ben0Amun - Gold-Plated Charm Bracelet - $115
Russell Jones - Onyx 14K Gold “Bow” Earrings - $495!
Cartier - White Gold Diamond “Tank Francaise” Ring - $11,900 (OOMGG!)

My ‘Hilary Duff” Outfit:

Allison Taylor - Pleated skirt in Tan/Beige - about $10 at Ross
(I forgot how much it cost! In addition, I received so many compliments on this skirt! I LOVE IT!)
Banana Republic - White Jacket w/ Gorgeous Buttons - $50
Banana Republic - Reversible Belt in Brown (reverse to Red!) - $15
Joan & David - Patent Brown Heels from Ross! - $16!

Note - Excuse the Dell box behind me! My "photographer" was not available to take my picture!!