Saturday, April 19, 2008

MACPro Card + Haul! 4/19/08

OMG, I just received my MACPro card today and I am soo excited! I am ready for a shopping spree at MAC! My makeup has been stored in a storage box since I moved! I need to buy a traincase soo bad! I have so much stuff that I want/need to buy from MAC.

Above is a picture of the top of my storage box. I would take a picture of the box but the box has a company’s name on it and I probably shouldn’t have the box at my house!!

Here is what I've ordered so far:

Empty Eye Shadow palette (holds 15) - I’ve wanted this for soo long!

Eye Shadows - In Carbon & Black-Tied

I’m only buying 2 eyeshadows. I know this is sad, but really I have too many eye shadows. Enough to probably last me for a good 3-4 years.

The 2 eye shadows that I am purchasing are both black in color. I love adding black eye shadow to my eyes because I love the smokey-eyes look.


217 - My favorite brush! I use this to blend and contour. One thing I don’t like about this brush is that the bristles are white. I feel like I always have to clean the brush and I hate cleaning!

This is the brush that I would use to add a little black eye shadow to my eyes.

224 - I haven’t used this brush yet but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. I heard that it is great for blending but I’m hoping to use it to apply eye shadow.

219 - I use this brush to add a little eye shadow to my lower lash line. I love the smokey-eyes look and this brush blends everything so easily. This brush helps me create a sultry look!

213 - I haven’t used this brush but I’m hoping to use it to apply eye shadow to my lid area. I’m using sponge-tips lately because I feel more control with it. I hope this brush helps!!

I know this is a small haul but I want more! But my budget is limited so that should do for now. It’s crazy though, I have soo much makeup yet I am still buying more??!! What is wrong with me?