Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Jewelry Purchase - 4/8/07

I apologize for not having my outfits up lately. I have been super busy with work and school is winding down! I can’t wait to graduate! I will be purchasing my cap & gown tomorrow. I would really like to go get my pictures taken with it. I just have to clear a Saturday morning to totally get ready!

I recently purchased some jewelry. I LOVE jewelry. I hate “real” jewelry because I’m so rough on my jewelry. I love cheap, costume jewelry! This ring was one of my favorite purchases!! It is soo cute! I can wear it with anything! It looks like bangles!

I really think that adding the right amount of jewelry to any outfit can make such a big difference. I used to be anti-jewelry because it bugged me to wear them, but finding cheap ones that I don't care about makes it so much better! I still can't really wear bracelets because it annoys me, but I'm slowing getting used to it!