Sunday, April 13, 2008

Graduation Gear - 4/13/2008

OMG, I graduate in a month! I’m sooo excited. I bought my cap & gown along w/ three, yes, THREE, tassels! I really can’t wait until I graduate!
Of course there is so much to do prior to then:
1. I have to still get my picture taken! That means taking the time to get dolled-up..
2. I need to buy some gifts for my family and myself!
  • For myself: A school sweater and a degree frame (the one that can frame my tassel too).
  • For my family: A mug or a shotglass (maybe)..
Here is a close up of my tassels. I plan on framing the black tassel w/ the crystals. The brown one indicates which school I graduated from (there are many "schools" at my university). The red & black tassel indicate my school colors!