Sunday, April 20, 2008

More of my Make-up pics! - 4/20/08

I received a request for more pics of my make-up and here it is!! This will be a sequel to my post regarding my Mac Pro Card. ;)

Here is a better picture of the depth of the storage box. Most of my make-up are drugstore brands, while I have a few "designer" pieces. Sounds a lot like my closet!

A close up of some of the make-up I have. I have A LOT of lipstick/lip gloss which I never use. I should start using it!!

This is the powder that I am currently using. I am trying to phase out of these and start using MAC. But I have soo many left!!

I love this Dior compact! It looks so elegant! I have 2 of these.. I'll probably never use it..

I LOVE falsies!! I don't think the first one is MAC, I'm just using the box as storage for different lashes. I have more lashes but they are scattered around my place!