Thursday, April 24, 2008

YIKES Outfit - 4/24/08

YIKES! I just found out that I have a final next Wednesday! I know what you are think..HOW did I just find out??! Well, my teacher is kind of all over the place and decided that next week would be a good week to stop class, even though we have 3 more weeks to go!

Anyway, this weekend will be a really busy one. I have to work all day Saturday. On Sunday, I have a study group early morning until afternoon, where I go to another group meeting. The second group meeting is for a presentation I have to do on Monday. Double YIKES!! I don’t mind talking in front of class but this class is extremely brutal. Many people will grill you on your presentation and I am NOT prepared for that!!

Enough about school; lets talk fashion!
I went on a semi-SHOPPING SPREE at Wet Seal today. I picked up 14 items for only $75! They are having a huge sale! I can’t wait to take pics for you guys!

YIKES Outfit

Guess Jacket & Pant Suit in Black w/ Blue plaid
Wet Seal cotton top in Teal - $10!
Banana Republic Snake-skin like belt in Teal
BCBGirls Heels in Patent Black