Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Disliking Aldo Outfit! - 10/22/08

I’ve been so tired lately! Waking up tired is the worst feeling and it seems like I wake up tired everyday.. My next doctor’s appointment is in November and hopefully they don’t find anything too bad from my blood test. =(

You can’t really see heels in today’s outfit, so I snapped a picture of it on its own:

The heels are from Aldo. I have a rant about Aldo: I own 2 pairs of Aldo heels and both do not fit me! One is size 6 and the other is Size 5. I am a 5 ½ (Yes, I have small feet).I hate that Aldo doesn’t offer half sizes. It really annoys me because they have such cute heels! I don’t even bother shopping there anymore because of this fact!

Nonetheless, I still wear the heels even if it doesn’t really fit.. I know it’s bad for my feet but they are soo cute! Actually, for the size 6 heels..I even bought slip-in soles to provide a better fit; it still did NOT work!

Disliking Aldo Outfit:
Banana Republic

- Pants in White w/ Stripes
Old Navy Button-up top in Yellow
Wet Seal Vest in Yellow
Aldo Heels in Patent Yellow
Gold w/ White Bead Necklace
Gold & Silver Bracelet