Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Ex List! Review - 10/4/08

I watched “The Ex List” on and it is a pretty good show!
I hope this show does well because I would like to see more of it! It is such a CUTE show! Funny too! =)

I really liked the first episode. It's Bella's quest to find true love. I have a hunch her recent ex-boyfriend might be “the one”. I’ll keep watching to find out what happens!!

I just really hope that this show is not a “one-season” wonder: where it shows up for one season and just leaves me hanging! Ughh! I am so sick of shows like that: Cashmere Mafia, What about Brian?.. The list goes on.

If you guys have the time, this show is super cute and I would recommend watching it! I really like their laid-back beach vibe. I also really like how Bella rides a bike everywhere! She is super cute! Here is a link to the show on Linky

A little info on the show from
“What if you learned you had already met your soul mate? When a bachelorette-party psychic reveals to Bella Bloom that she has already met the true love of her life, she goes on a quest to find this mystery man from her past. With a limited time to locate him, Bella puts her normal skepticism aside and, with the help of her friends, lists all the males she has dated, befriended or even briefly encountered in her lifetime. It’s an illuminating and sometimes humiliating search, but Bella knows it might be her only chance to find “the one.”
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