Sunday, March 16, 2008 Review

My Review of
4/5 stars

Winkflash is having a sale on their photobooks again! I ordered from their site before and loved their quality!! I always wait until their sale to order my books. This morning, I created a book for my mom, aunt, &, of course, myself! One day, I want to create a photobook of all my outfits!!

I purchased the 10x8 photobook w/ unlimited pages (max 100 pgs) for only $19.95 or $19.99, I can’t remember! You can pick from many cover colors, I usually stick to black (exactly like the picture above), I’ve ordered burgundy before and it is just as gorgeous! You can even custom emboss the cover!

AGAIN, the books are just so gorgeous! The quality comes out good if your photos are high-quality, from what I've heard. I usually take my pictures in high-quality, so my photobook pictures come out somewhat clear.

I think $19.95 (or $19.99) is a great deal! Its like getting 100+ pictures printed in the book for only $20! I make my photobooks full-page pictures w/ only a few pages where I do 2 to a page. I’ve made a book w/ 4 pictures to a page and it looks nice but I would rather have a large picture (below) on each page since I have 100 pages to work with anyway! also has editing options. If you don’t have Photoshop or a photo-editing program, this is very helpful! I love using the ‘sepia’ or ‘black & white’ option on some photos. You can also add text to each picture. I don't add text because I use full-page pictures.

Lastly, they ship very fast! I received my book w/in a week the last time I ordered.

Their uploading is so slow, maybe it’s because my pictures are such large files? I’ve tried their bulk-uploading program but I just gave up on it because, for some reason, it took so long for the files to transfer to winkflash’s site. This occurs when uploading to albums as well. Also, when I have to change albums, that takes FOREVER to load.

Also, it takes so long to create a book because I constantly have to ‘save’ & ‘add page’. I think that the time to ‘add page’, & ‘save’ takes too long to load. I have to add that my internet connection is fast, so that is not my problem! Lets just say their site is slow. So be patient!
One more thing, I wish there was a way to see an thumbnail of all the pages. I just want to double-check if I used all the pictures I wanted to use and if they are in the right places. They do have one feature where it tells you if you have already used that picture. This is useful if you name your picture! I don't name my pics, so all pics are IMG1234, etc.


The perks far outweighs the petty cons here. I strongly recommend this place! I LOVE it, I wish I had more time to create more books! Below is a picture off their website that provides more info: