Saturday, March 22, 2008

Free Underwear! Outfit - 3/21/08

Hi Everyone!

I love it when I get to work from home. I get to make money & hang out with my BF. Best of both worlds!

I waxed my eyebrows this morning. My eyebrows are outta control when they aren’t waxed! I waxed them for only $9 + tip. That’s a great deal! Not only that, I was fortunate enough to find a lady that knows how to tame my eyebrows! That’s rare!

This outfit was from yesterday. I was too tired to blog yesterday, sorry! I went to the mall to get a free underwear from Victoria Secret yesterday. They send a card from time-to-time giving me a free underwear, no purchase necessary! So I never buy underwear!! Well...unless it's for my BF ;)

Free Underwear! Outfit:

Old Navy Striped Button-down collared shirt - $15!
Banana Republic Waist-high skirt in Navy
BCBGirls Denim color Heels w/ Gold trimmings
Wet Seal Belt in Gold - $10!