Monday, March 31, 2008

Wet Seal Outfit - 3/31/08

Today was one of those days that flew by just like I wanted it to! I actually went home early from work, if you call working 9 hours early.. I felt sooo guilty though!

I LOVE WetSeal. I know it is a “lower” end store but if you choose carefully, you’ll find cute clothes at great prices. Anf I know it is a “teen” clothing & I am a lot older than “teen” but it fits and that is all that matters!

Wet Seal Outfit:

Wet Seal Dress w/ Belt - Cute Black dress w/ white flowers. I wore the belt over the jacket.
Wet Seal Short-Sleeved Jacket in Black - This came with a cute belt (not worn), too!
Alfani Heels in Black w/ White trimmings. Cute! Bracelet - Here is a closeup: