Monday, March 24, 2008

Kim Cattrall Outfit - 3/24/08

Hi guys!

So I was looking through some pics of celebs today and realized that my outfit looked similar to Actress Kim Cattrell’s! I have no idea what she is doing but she sure looks like she is having FUN!!

Monday’s are always soo dreary! I hope that everyone enjoyed their day. As for me, it was “just another day”.. I hate days like this because it seems like life is just passing me by =(

On a lighter note! Here are the details to my outfit..

Kim Cattrall Outfit (my own not what she is wearing):

Guess Black w/ blue Semi-plaid slacks - These have a large opening at the bottom, which I love! It completely covers my heels!
Old Navy Teal Blue sweater
Nine West Heels in black w/ a cute bow tie on the front.
Necklace from - Here is a close up: