Sunday, March 9, 2008

Old Navy & Ross Haul - 3/9/08

Hello! So I went to Ross to see if there were anymore dresses for me to buy during their “dress sale”. Unfortunately, they didn’t have much in my size. I did, however, picked up a really nice red skirt for only $7.99. I believe it is from New York & Co.

Old Navy was next door so I stopped by and found some great deals there! I had a much clothes in the hands when I checked out! I decided to save some money and put half of the items I wanted back. Anyway, there is a wonderful deal going on at Old Navy. If you purchase an item at Old Navy, they give you a slip (I don’t know if all customers get this slip or not). You go online and take a 5 minute survey and, viola, you get 10% off your next purchase!

Old Navy:

White striped Pants - $14.49
Black pleated skirt - $14.49
Tan skirt - only $6.99! I couldn’t pass this up!!