Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Review on H&R Block - 3/26/2008

My Review on H&R Block
0/5 stars

It's TAX TIME and April 15th is coming soon! So here is my review on H&R Block. A review on TurboTax will be coming soon!


Easy way to do your taxes? That’s all I got. Actually, TurboTax is easier than dealing with these people.


There are so many! Where do I begin!!??

The ‘tax professionals’ ARE NOT tax professionals. Most of them only had the one course that H&R block offers to everyone! They are regular people doing YOUR taxes!! That means most of them do not know what to do when the tax situation involves more than just a W-2 form.

Last year, my tax preparer realized that she did my tax return wrong AFTER I left. So she re-did it, WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, and sent it in. Did she even send me a copy? Yes, but the wrong one!! So now I’m trying to do my taxes and I don’t have the correct copy.

So I called them today and the guy RUDELY informs me that in order to get the correct copy, I have to contact the IRS and request a copy for $30. I have to pay $30 for a copy of my tax return that they created but did not give the correct copy of? Wow, great customer service, H&R Block.

Cheap? I don’t know if it’s cheap since they add a bunch of charges each time you want to add a form. You might think it’s cheap because it seems like they are the only tax preparer chain out there but it’s NOT cheap. It cost me $300 to do my taxes!! I could have gone somewhere else. Support those little businesses. Or even Turbo Tax (which I am trying this to come!).


It might be cheap & easy to do but the headache is NOT worth it!! H&R Block sucks!