Saturday, March 29, 2008


My Top 10 Spring trends!! I had some ladies ask me to compile a list of “Top 10 Spring Trends." I am hoping to buy all the trend listed and show you guys!

I hope you guys enjoy this list!

10. Long Dresses - I'm starting out with this but I personally won’t be buying this trend. I have seen a lot of people starting to wear it. I think it’s a cute style if you have the right body style. At 5’3, I am kind of on the short side and I know that it would not flatter my body. I had to add it on this list because if I were tall, I would totally buy this trend!

(Left) T-bags (Neiman Marcus) Long Halter Dress $220.00
(Right) Wetseal Smocked Maxi Dress $27.50

9. Natural Wooden Bangles in Animal Prints! This look is so gorgeous! I LOVE animal print because it looks stylish & funky!

(Left) Nordstroms Sequin Thick Animal Print Bangle $38.00/each
(Right) Animal Print Oriental-Style Bracelet $5.99

8. Shirt Dresses - These are soo cute. I saw really cute ones at Wetseal last week and now they are sold out! Taught me a lesson to BUY when I SEE! I really, really want a cute shirt dress. It is perfect for work!

(Left) Phoebe (Nordstroms) Ruffle Front Shirtdress $248.00
(Right) Charlotte Russe Halter Shirt Dress $28.99

7. Short-Sleeved Jackets - Spring usually means “perfect weather” but, for some reason, I am still always cold! These are perfect for days like that. Also, it is perfect to wear bracelets with since you can actually see my bracelet instead of it being covered up by a long-sleeved jacket!

(Left) Michael Kors Three-Quarter-Sleeve Belted Trench $179.50
(Right) Wetseal 2 Pocket Bomber Jacket $26.50

6. Rings - I’ve been searching for exotic and unique rings. It’s wonderful how a simple ring can adds so much to your style! This “amber” color is soo gorgeous and matches with everything!!

(Left) Rebecca (Nordstroms) Large Oval Ring $454.00
(Right) Arden B. Large Oval Ring $18.00

5. Bold Geometric Prints Dresses - These are perfect for special occasions or get-togethers. All that matters is that it is not just a LBD!

(Left) Sue Wong Print Silk Trapeze Dress $328.00
(Right) Arden B. Printed Babydoll Dress $118

4. Floral Dresses - What can I say? I love dresses! Floral dresses are so girly and perfect for “spring” and even into summer!

(Left) LaROK 'Cup du Jour' Dress for $348 or
(Right) Wetseal for only $22.50!

3. Jeweled Embellishments - Embellishments add a sense of sophistication! I browed Marshall’s yesterday and found a jacket similar to the L.A.M.B. one pictured below. I love how gorgeous this trend is!

(Left) L.A.M.B. Beaded Swing Coat $365
(Right) Style&co. (Macys) Printed Dress with Embellishment $48.30

2. Anything Pleated - I have been buying a lot of pleated skirts lately. I saw a really cute red pleated dress (not pictured) but it wasn’t my size. It was at Ross for only $15!!

(Left) Robert Rodriguez Pleated Silk Blouse $297.00 OR
(Right) Charlotte Russe Pleated Halter Top $18.99


1. Bright colors!! This is #1 on my list. I LOVE BOLD, bright colors! However, I only do one color (maybe 2 if I am feeling crazzyy) at a time.

(Left) L.A.M.B. 'Lucille' Dress $325
(Right) Charlotte Russe Pleated Blouse $21.99