Saturday, March 22, 2008

"The Air I Breathe" Movie Review

My Review on the movie, “The Air I Breathe”
3/5 stars


So, it’s Saturday night & I finished watching “The Air I Breathe.” I love nights like this where I can totally relax! I haven’t had one of these in awhile!


So many people are in this movie!! Sarah Michelle Gellar, Forest Whitaker, Andy Garcia, Brandon Frasier. Awesome cast! Sarah Michelle Gellar is a wonderful actress and she is gorgeous, too!

I love butterflies! This movie had many references to butterflies. I LOVED the opening scene’s lines. It was something like, “When a butterfly leaves its cocoon, does it know how beautiful it is? Or does it still think/feel (?) like a caterpillar?”


It just a personal ‘con’ but I hate it when *********SPOILER ALERT *********** main character(s) die in a movie. It’s like I get connected to a person and BAM they die. That’s it. But I know it is what makes a movie good sometimes and maybe this ‘con’ is really a ‘perk’ because I’ll be more likely remember this movie. Like I said, this is a personal ‘con’ because I only watch happy go-lucky movies. LOL!


I gave it 3/5 stars which is really good for what it is because I usually watch happy, feel-good movies. I absolutely hate DRAMA & action. I feel like there is enough of that in my life!! I do recommend watching this movie. It is wonderfully casted and I feel like it is deeper than I understood. I would really love to watch it again!

Watch it! Really, watch it! ;)