Friday, March 28, 2008

My Review of TurboTax - 3/28/08

My Review of TurboTax
5/5 stars

TurboTax – Can be purchased at stores or online. I bought my software online. I don’t need the box or CD!!


So easy to use! Their software guides you through each step. If you have any questions, the software if prepared to answer it for you. This is software is extremely smart!

Inexpensive! I paid $80 compared to $300 at H&R Block!

This software took less time to complete than H&R Block’s process. H&R Block asks you random questions that this software skips if it doesn’t pertain to you!

The software illustrates your “audit risk”. I think this is pretty cool and it gives you somewhat of a relief to know what your audit risks are. My audit risk was on the low side.

You have the choice of sending your tax return in or e-filing. If you e-file, you’ll need to know your prior year tax return’s AGI (adjusted gross income). Your AGI is used as your “digital signature”.

You also have the choice of paying your taxes through the software! This is really great because if you were to pay with your credit card through the IRS’ process, the payment center charges you 2.49%.

Personally, I think I can rely more on TurboTax’s tax return than H&R Block’s. H&R Block asked me some shady questions in order to up my refund. I really don’t like that because if you get caught.. Remember, it’s YOUR social security NOT H&R Block’s!


There weren’t that many cons. Just remember that you need ALL of your paperwork in order to complete your tax return appropriately.

Really, it was just so easy and inexpensive that I can’t think of any cons.


Use it! Its soo easy, fast, and kind of FUN! I give TurboTax a rare 5/5 stars!