Monday, June 30, 2008

“Dang, you go shopping a lot!” Outfit - 6/30/08

"Dang, you go shopping a lot!” – That’s what someone said to me today. Thank you, I’ll take it as a compliment! ;)

Yes, I do shop a lot. Hah! But the trick is to buy on sale! And I don’t buy sale items just because it’s on sale, I buy it because I LOVE the item and happen to find it on sale. Otherwise, I love the item at the store if it is FULL price! It’s hard, trust me there are soo many things that I want to buy but I have to simply wait it out. If it doesn’t go on sale, I don’t miss it!

Disclaimer: Works for me. May not work for others! =P

“Dang, you go shopping a lot!” Outfit:

Banana Republic Skirt – Less than $20!
Banana Republic Short-sleeve Sweater
BCBG Heels in Denim Blue w/ Gold Buckle Details!