Saturday, June 21, 2008

Peek into My Closet! 6/21/08

Here are the long awaited pictures of my closet! I have 2 closets but only too pictures of one. The other will come in time (it is filled with my dresses). This closet is filled with my “work” clothes.

I absolutely LOVE my closets. I purchased bars from Wal-Mart for only about $8 which doubles my closet. It just hangs on top of the top bar & creates an extra bar for extra storage! I believe that they are called “Closet Doublers”. If anyone needs the item, I’ll be glad to do a search & post it here! There are 2 bars in this closet.

My closet was organized but since I’ve been so busy, I’ve been putting the clothes I wear back in random places.

Shirts & Belts (Belt hanger from Ross - about $10!)

My "Collared" Shirts - I want them in every color!

Pants & Skirts

The other side of my pants - I see a skirt out of place!

Jackets & more Collared shirts