Sunday, June 29, 2008

BCBGirls 'Popiul' Pump from Marshall's!

I usually don’t like Marshall's because I think it’s still a little too expensive for me. I went there to buy my little brother some clothes because he received good grades. Somehow I wondered off into the shoe section...

BCBGirls 'Popiul' Pump in Raisin Pearl Nappa (Dark Plum color)

I have been eyeing these heels for the longest time! I love PUMPS because they are perfect for work. I wanted these heels in every color! I saw them at Nordstrom’s for $44 but thought that was too expensive for me to buy.

Luckily, I saw a pair IN MY SIZE at Marshalls this weekend! The plum color is such a pretty color too! I am so happy with my purchase! The best part: It was on clearance for only $25! ;)