Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jennifer Garner Black & White Outfit - 6/26/08

Do you ever feel like you are stressing so much on something but you really don’t want to stress about it? Ughh! I’ve been feeling like that recently. Stress is soo bad for you. It can cause you to become sick! It can also shorten your life!! So stop stressing & start living your wonderful life!! Words that I really need to live by =P


I have been loving the black & white combo look lately. It is so sophisticated looking. Actress Jennifer Garner made the look soo cute. I had to make my own version! With a top from Wet Seal, I tucked it in a skirt from Ross. The top was soo long! It looked like a cute mini-dress & almost reached the bottom of my skirt!

Jennifer Garner Black & White Outfit:

Black Skirt from Ross - $10! Comes with the cute belt!
Wet Seal Turtleneck top in White – Less than $10!
BCBGirl Heels in Patent Black