Friday, June 13, 2008

I LOVE BCBG Outfit - 6/13/08

I just got back from Ross & wow are there good deals there!! Lots of dresses. Lots of goodies to purchase as a present for Father’s Day this Sunday.

Some ideas I saw as perfect presents were:

Gorgeous Leather Laptop bags, or rollie-thingies (whatever they are called!)
Sleepwear (pajamas)
AND if you are old-fashion, a nice shirt & tie combo. I love this because it’s cheap, easy, and fathers need it!

Anyway, today’s outfit was coordinated because I wanted to wear something “BCBG”. I LOVE BCBG but I rarely see things on sale (well when I mean sale, I mean a decent price). The BCBG items that I currently own are mostly back when I used to buy items at regular (gasp!) price. The striped shirt I am wearing is one of those items that I never threw away. I’m glad I didn’t either because it still works well with my current wardrobe!


BCBG Striped Pants

BCBG Striped Sweater

Banana Republic White button-up - $14.99!

Linea Paolo 'Mirage' Pump in Gun Metal - $30