Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympics Outfit - 8/12/08

I’ve been so addicted to the Olympics!

Opening Ceremony was AMAZING! I love so many things about it! The fireworks were extravagant. The people forming various shapes were awesome! My favorite was the beginning drum piece where they counted down. That was so intricate!

Some of my favorite Olympics sports to watch are:
1. Gymnastics!! Of course! I love watching girls on the beams and on the mats.
2. Diving. I love how some of them don’t have a huge splash when diving. So cool!!

I also love that the Olympics is in Beijing, China. I've been watching the "Today Show" and they have a segment where Al Roker teaches you a word in Mandarin. I've learned 2 words!!

Congratulations: Gong Xi and Go Go! which I can only pronounce and not spell!

Olympics Outfit:

Pleated Skirt in Brown from Ross
- Only $10! (Haul here)
Banana Republic Sweater
- Shrunken but perfect with skirts!
Joan & David
- Patent Brown Heels from Ross! - $16!
H&M Belt in Brown w/ Cheetah Print Detail (Haul here)