Friday, August 22, 2008

Compliment Outfit - 8/22/08

Compliments. I always try to give people sincere compliments every day. It’s my thing. I love it when people’s faces light up and I feel like I made their day. I also love it as an ice breaker to get to know more people. The response I get makes me feel so happy and warm inside!

I went to the optometrist the other day (read what I bought here) and I actually received a compliment from another girl! It felt wonderful!! Me, receiving a compliment!! =D

Anyway, I don’t want to repeat what she said but let’s just say that it was very nice of her. And very bold of her to say it as well! I was speechless when I received the compliment but it was very nice to feel what it is like “on the other side” of a compliment.

Compliment Outfit:

H&M Dress: White ruffle top w/ a black skirt - $35!
Wet Seal Black Short-sleeved jacket w/ Wide waist belt!
JoeyO Black heels w/ Plaid Details (more about purchase here) – Only $12.99!
Bracelet from butterfliesdontlie on eBay