Tuesday, August 26, 2008

BF's Birthday Present - 8/26/08

It was my BF’s birthday awhile back. Shopping for the BF is super hard because he has everything that he wants and doesn’t need anything. It’s crazy how someone can not WANT something!! I always have a wishlist and my wishlist is many miles long!!

Anyway, he likes steaks so I went to an expensive steakhouse and bought him this meal. I bought it as take-out and set it up at home. When he got home, he was soo happy! He said it was one of the best gifts he’s gotten!! Yippee! I did a good job! Yay for me =)

Can you believe this meal was freakin' $50 buxxx!!?? That's an entire outfit at Ross!! =P

Steak cooked medium rare. I can and probably will NEVER cook this well! yum!