Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cashmere Mafia Outfit - 8/31/08

Cashmere Mafia was one of my favorite new shows that sprung up during the writer’s strike. Unfortunately, I’ve been reading that it has been cancelled!! =(

I’m such a nerd; I even wrote an email to ABC hoping that they would change their minds. Gosh, this was such a good show!! Then they left us hanging..

This Fall season, I’ll be tuning into:
Desperate Housewives
(ABC)– Of Course!! I can’t wait to find out what happened to Susan & Mike! And Gabrielle has kids??!! Crazy!

Lipstick Jungle (NBC) – I can’t believe that this show survived while Cashmere Mafia didn’t! Oh well, I got addicted to this show because I couldn’t watch Cashmere Mafia anymore! The fashion in this show is comparable to Sex and the City!! Plus I love Lindsey Price, she is beautiful!

Samantha Who (ABC) – I’ve been addicted to this show since it started! The fashion donned in this show is great as well!

Ugly Betty (ABC) – One of favorite shows on TV!! Cliffhanger was one of the best cliffhangers ever! I actually got mad because I wanted to know what happens! Can’t wait for this show’s return.

The Ex List (CBS) – Looks like a really great new show! I hope it’s good!
Looks like ABC's got all the shows I like! I will be watching all shows online since I don't have the time to watch it on TV nor the patience to watch the commercials!

Anyway! Back to Cashmere Mafia. This outfit was inspired by Zoe Burden played by actress Frances O'Connor. I loved how it looked on her so I tried it on myself! =)

Cashmere Mafia Outfit:

French Connection Jacket in Red
– From Marshalls! I think it was about $40!
Black Skirt from Ross
Only $10!
Banana Republic Belt in Black
Chinese Laundry Heels in Patent Red
- $25 at Ross!
Cute Chunky Black w/ Red Gems Bracelet
- from ButterfliesDontLie on Ebay