Sunday, August 17, 2008

Boyfriend Jeans Trend? 8/17/08

Katie Holmes & Victoria Beckham have been known for their fabulous girly styles. But when they both stepped out in baggy jeans, it caused heads to turn. The 2 celebs are close friends and often hang out with each other. I wonder if they got together and said, "Let’s start wearing our husband’s jeans and see what people say!" Is this a new trend we see?

Katie Holmes has repeatedly worn her “Boyfriend Jeans” or should we say her “Husband Jeans”.

Look how cute Suri is!! I love her outfit!

The always gorgeous Victoria Beckham!

Amanda Peet steps out in her “Boyfriend Jeans” as well.

And so does Rachel Bilson..

On a side note, I wonder if the jeans these ladies are wearing really do belong to their significant others. Or did they purchase these jeans somewhere??

This style is super comfortable and laid-back for sure. Let’s see if this one spreads!! It’ll be interesting for sure =)

PS. This is not so much my style. But...I could put on my BF’s jeans to try it out for you all to see.. We’ll see! ; )