Monday, September 29, 2008

Sisterly Love Outfit – 9/29/08

I spent half of the day shopping with my sister! It’s our time to catch up & it’s so much fun hanging out with her!

We went to a couple of Ross’ & purchase some goodies! Pics to come later..

We stopped by a couple Halloween stores. My sister wants to be a cow-girl or belly-dancer for Halloween. As for me, I want to be a sexy cop! Unfortunately, no costumes were purchased because we couldn’t try them on..

We also waxed our eyebrows and I got a deep shoulder & neck massage! Whew, what a day! =P

Okay enough chit-chat! Let’s talk outfit!
I really liked this outfit. It was professional but I love how the skinny belt ties the outfit together! I seriously would like that skinny belt in all colors!

Sisterly Love Outfit:
Banana Republic Pants in Navy Blue with Black stripes.
Banana Republic Skinny Belt in Black
- One of my favorite belts because it actually fits!
Black Top from Ross!
- If I remember correctly, this was less than $10!
Nine West Pumps in Patent Black

OKKAAYY, time to go back to studying!! =P