Saturday, September 27, 2008

Banana Republic Shopping Spree! - 9/27/08

I went on a minor shopping spree at Banana Republic!
I was really on the hunt for cardigans. I’ve purchased so many cardigans in the last 2 weeks! I think I have my supply of cardigans for Fall/Winter! ;o)

Here are my goodies:

Green Button-up top - About $17!
Cute Green Button-up top! I love short-sleeved button-up tops!! Perfect for work!

Black Cardigan - About $30.
One of the many cardigans I’ve purchased. Black is so simple and cute! This purchase was more on want than need because I wouldn’t normally pay what I paid.

Blue Knited Cardigan - About $30.
I love this cardigan!! It’s a cute blue color with a three-quarter sleeve.
They had purple too! I was soo tempted to purchase the purple one!! But at $30, I was forced to only purchase one. =(

White cami - $11
I always wear a cami underneath my outfits. Its just a habit that I formed. Bra, then cami: Always. LOL. I have no clue why I do it, maybe its to…cover my nips..LOL =P