Sunday, March 22, 2009

Victoria Secret Haul! – 3/22/09

I went a little underwear crazy. LOL! About 99% of my underwear was purchased from Victoria Secret. I guess I never really shopped anywhere else for underwear. I really like to shop at Victoria Secret when they have great sales!

So..I purchased 14 pairs of underwear! They are having a 7 for $25 sale! On top of that, I received $5 off when trying on their new bra, "The Perfect One"! So 7 undies for $20!
BUT WAIT! There’s more! They are also giving away Secret Reward Cards with every purchase! OMG, what a deal!

For those who don’t know what the Victoria SecretSecret Reward Card” is – it’s like a gift card, with a minimum of $10. But if you are LUCKY, the Secret Reward Card may contain $20, $50, $100, or $500!! OMG! I’m never lucky with anything! Actually I told my sister that with my luck, I wouldn’t be surprised to get $1 instead of the minimum $10! (Of course there is $10 but I'm just saying!!) LOL! =P
The entire purchase..14 undies for about $40! About $2.85 each.
Lace thongs - These are absolutely my FAV! Soo cute!
Cotton Panties - These are sooo comfy! I HAD to get these in every color!

Boy Shorts - I don't have many boy shorts but these are nice to wear when hanging out at home!