Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wonderful Saturday! - 1/17/09

Hi Gals!

I had a wonderful Saturday!

First, I cleaned my bathroom. I love it when its clean!! It feels so good! I've been so busy that I haven't gotten a chance to clean it as much as I like to.

Then my sister & I went to the mall to do some major damage! I spent about $150!! Pics to come tomorrow!

I cleaned up my place a little bit more when I came home & even worked for an hour. (Had to squeeze it in!). After working, my BF & I headed to my mom’s place to watch UFC. I hung out with my family for 3 hours! It is always so much fun hanging out with the family & catching up!!

After leaving my mom’s house, my BF & I cruised the streets of our town. I always love to cruise! It is so much fun to people-watch!

Additionally, I ate soo much junk food today!! I ate cookies, chocolate-covered marshmallows, cupcakes, hot wings, and chips! I usually eat fairly healthy so this was wild for me!!

And that was my Saturday! I hope you all had a wonderful time today as well! =)