Saturday, August 22, 2009

Comic-Con in San Diego! - 7/23/2009 (Late Post)

Sooooo…My sister and I went to Comic-Con in San Diego on Thursday, July 23, 2009 to see Summit’s New Moon Panel! That was almost a month ago but I remember it like it was yesterday! That day was so crazyyyy!!

Here was my schedule:

9:00 – I got to the convention center too late! The line was ridiculously long! I’ve never been in a line that long in my life! After 2 hours of waiting, we got our badge (after overcoming issues regarding my name). We then ran over to the Hall H line where the New Moon panel was to be shown.

11:00 – We got to the Hall H line & OMMGGG...The line was soo much longer than the badge line earlier. I couldn’t believe it!! Seriously, it was miles long! Comic-Con staff actually informed us NOT to get in line (TWICE!) because apparently there was NO WAY we would get in =(

We got in line anyway.. miles away from the entrance. We met some very cool people in line! Comic-Con staff came by (AGAIN) to tell the line that we’re not getting in. Many people leave the line but we stuck to it. The line slowly moved as I slowly melted in the heat.

After how many hours, we somehow get near the freaking entrance to the HALL!!!


1:40 –Summit was to start their panels at 1:45 – that’s in 5 MINS!! We got to the front of the line and were the 4th and 5th person. OMFG, they closed the Hall entrance doors. We’re SOL!! I almost started CRYINGGG!!


1:45 – FIVE MINUTES LATER, thanks to 2 certain people - we luckily got in. I believe we were the last two people to enter the hall. I really reallllyyy do felt bad for the others that stood in line and couldn’t get in. I was sooo close to being one of those. I would have been SAD for days =(


Inside Hall H:


1:46 – Once inside, there were NO SEATS for us!! Security tells us to go outside since we don’t have a seat and it is a fire hazard. YOU’RE ASKING US TO LEAVE???!! I don’t freakin’ think so buddy! We snuck our way to the front of the auditorium!! OMG, we were THISCLOSE to the cast!! LOLLL!

At the end of the day, I had an amazing adventure with my lovely sister. Oh, what a day! To top it off, our parking was supposed to be $20 but we ended up only having to pay $5! AND we parked extremely close to the convention center! HAH, what a freakin’ day! ;)

After all of that, I got:

1. Sunburned: I never got sunburned before!
2. A huge blister on my ankle from wearing new flats that day.
3. A huge SMILE for being able to experience something so amazing!

Panel Pics:

Summit's Booth: