Saturday, July 18, 2009

Blue Pumps at Target! – 7/18/09

First of all, why do guys hate Target?? I love that place! I can wander and wander the aisles for hours! From Beddings to Lean Cuisines, they have everything there!

On the other hand, my BF is HATES Target. He is always in and out of there – giving me NO chance to shop! =(
On one of our rare trips to Target, I wandered into the shoe section.. and found these BLUE PUMPS!! I’ve been looking for blue pumps! In fact, I believe it’s on my “Wish List”. It was on clearance for $21!! Oh how I love bargain shopping! =)

Mossimo Heels in Dark Blue from Target: $21

I love the rounded toes look! These heels are not only soo stylish, they are super comfy too!

I believe these heels are about 3 3/4 or 4"! I love the height of these pumps! Makes my short legs look a little longer! =P

Also, I have my eyes on these flats from Target. Aren't they super adorable!! And it comes in tons of fun colors! Ah, perfect for summer...
Women's Merona Eleora Flat Sandals in Gold Patent: Only $18! (Link to item here)