Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gift-Giving Guide: Boyfriend! – 6/6/09

My BF has to be the hardest person to give gifts to.

When giving gifts, I always end up having to think the most for this guy. It makes sense to do so (I guess), being that he is the most important person in my life! I always complain about how easy it is to think of gifts for my mom, sister, and even brother!
It is funny because when I tell people how hard it is to get BF a present, they'll start naming off stuff that I can get which I always have a reason why I can't get it.

I’m sure you have someone similar in your life. BF is the type that has everything that he wants and never really "wants" anything. He is a “computer nerd” but I can't buy any technology gadgets because he claims that he can get a “better deal”. LOL!

He isn't into materialistic things such as a Louis Vuitton wallet or belt. He doesn't dress up enough for me to buy him clothes. Plus he has TONS of clothes but wears the same outfit everyday (not the same exact disgusting item, LOL!). The list goes on and on...

Here are presents that I have given the BF in the past:
  1. On his 25th birthday, I got him 25 things. Items included video games, laptop bag, etc.
  2. On a different birthday, I ordered expensive steak from a steakhouse he always wanted to try. I set up a romantic dinner setting at our home, pretending that I cooked it! LOL, he knows I don’t cook so there was really no pretending! I greeted him at the door, in lingerie! =P He very much liked both presents. He said that was the best present he received!

  3. Tech gadgets – This is how I found out that I shouldn’t buy him "tech" items. He made me return ALL items that I purchased for him (cameras, video cameras, etc) because, as I mentioned, he claimed that he can get a “better deal”. Of course it's true, he can get a better deal. After all, that is his area of knowledge. I will stick to my clothes and makeup

As you can see, I have to use my imagination on this one! Anyway, this year's gift is just as hard (if not harder) than years before.


Here are a couple of items that I have in mind:
Bamboo Fun Tablet w/ Pen, Mouse & Graphics Software in Medium & Black - $200 at Ok, I admit – this is more for me than him! But I think being the computer nerd that he is; he would enjoy playing with it for a couple of days! Just like kids do when they get new toys!

I asked a friend whose fiancée is very similar to my BF what he would want. On his list were video game consoles (BF has ALL of them!), video games that are not-yet-release (won’t be able to get these without getting caught), and, lastly, a nice road bike. LOL, a BICYCLE?!!

I was laughing so hard because it was such a true statement. MY BF DOES WANT A BICYCLE!! But we can’t buy one because we live in an apartment complex with nowhere to store it. BF mentioned to me before that he wanted to go bike-riding one day!! I’ll be putting that one on my Blackberry list!

GMC Denali Road Bike - about $270 at

Gift-Giving Guide: Boyfriend